Joshua Duncan

Software Engineer

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About Me

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My name is Josh. I'm a full-stack developer that brings a unique background of technical expertise and business acumen to my projects. My career has included roles in software development, project management, leadership, sales, and marketing, providing me with a broad perspective of the digital landscape.

Current Occupation:

Freelance Developer & Brand Strategist

I Specialize In:

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    Development of Web Applications

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    Creating Digital Brand Identities

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    Target Audience Identification

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    Competitor Market Research

Contact Card

Joshua Duncan

Software Engineer / Web Developer


Denver, CO


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In Need of Branding or Web Development services?

Let's bring your ideas to life! See client website examples in the projects section. Branding examples below.

My purpose

Impact Through Innovation

I want improve the lives of others. There are so many problems we could be solving with technology to make the world a better place. I want to be a part of that change.


My passion

Where Tech Meets Life

I'm passionate about pushing boundaries in the fields of medical and agricultural technologies. There is so much we can improve.


  • Loren Martinez


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    "His organizational approach to overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, particularly in R&D processes, resulted in radiant success for our business."

    - 02/21/24 -

  • Dillon Arnold


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    "Josh showed a deep understanding of both frontend and backend development with a knack for translating that knowledge to myself and his peers as needed."

    - 07/14/24 -

  • Nicholas Pasquarella


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    "What sets him apart is his honesty; he welcomes all ideas while offering insightful explanations for alternative approaches."

    - 02/12/24 -

My toolkit

Fast & Flexible Development

I thrive with Next.js, TypeScript, Prisma, MongoDB, and Tailwind CSS, but I'm always eager to expand my skills and adapt to project needs.

Favorite Tech

My aim

Let's Make Something Amazing

If you're looking for someone who brings more than just tech skills to the table, I'm currently looking for work, and I'd love to chat!